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About Us

Our Company

Based in Silicon Valley, ZenSpace is the industry pioneer in fully automated, on-demand, technology-enabled meeting spaces for on-the-go business people. We are the first company to combine a technology platform, mobile app and convenient meeting pods to create a “smart pod” - a private, quiet, tech-enabled oasis of calm in which to conduct your business.

In creating ZenSpace, we are redefining the meeting experience for mobile business professionals and forging a new category of the SPaaS (SPace as a Service) market.

Our idea was born out of a problem shared by the traveling executive, the startup entrepreneur working out of his/her garage or the freelance, gig economy worker – the need for a private, quality space to hold a meeting for an hour or two at a reasonable price.

Think about it. You’re away from your office or don’t have an office; coffee shops are noisy and far from private; co-working spaces have longer leasing requirements. What do you do? We know the feeling – we were those business people!

Enter ZenSpace. Our Smart Pods provide all you need to have a successful meeting when you are away from your office or need a quality place for a private meeting, and our handy app makes finding and reserving meeting space as easy as ordering a car share ride. And, you can even make them part of your office set up as well to provide small huddle rooms that take up minimal space.

Our team is comprised of veterans from the worlds of technology, enterprise sales, product marketing, IoT, product design and logistics. We all share a common bond – a passion for our mission, our product and our service to our customers.

Our Commitment

We pledge ourselves to serve the needs of the on-the-go business person. We fulfill our commitment by providing a high quality meeting space experience, delivering a consistent experience and making this as easy for you as we possibly can. Whether you are are a customer seeking to schedule a presentation with a key prospect or a host who is looking to make the most of under-utilized real estate, ZenSpace is here to serve you.

Our Name and Logo

We named our company based on what we provide – a calm, private place where you can focus on your task at hand. We also designed our company and culture around delivering on that goal. Of course, a name like ZenSpace just begs for a calming, yet whimsical, logo.

Altogether it matches who we are and what you can expect from us – calm, professional service, with a little bit of “chill” sprinkled in. We take our business seriously, while we take ourselves lightly. In today’s fast-paced, always-connected, on-the-go world we can all use a little zen.