Meet The Alcove Pod.

Modular, modern, and easy to install workspace pods for your space. Anytime, Anyplace.


The workplace, re-imagined.


Double steel walls with sound insulation in between, laminated double pane glass and inner acoustic panels keep conversations within the pod and external noises out.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Durable, high-quality supportive foam seating and optimal table height enable long, comfortable work sessions.


Multiple colors, designs and features - including whiteboards, displays and power options - to fit your every workplace need.

Quiet. Multi-purpose.

Anytime, Anyplace.

Easy Set Up & Mobility

Modular design and wheels offer flexibility and larger models offer 2, 4, or 6 person configuration. Same-day assembly.


Comes equipped with whiteboard, power outlet and optional 2 USB ports, telephone interface, cable outlets and digital display.

Optimal Lighting & Airflow

Illumination in the pods follows the GSA’s recommendation for office spaces (500 lumens in 6’ x 6’ area). Constant air circulation keeps you feeling fresh and alert.


Best-in-class compliance

We are the only company that has thought through compliance end to end. Our pods have been meticulously designed for full fire, electrical, ADA, and seismic compliance. Offering you ease of use and peace of mind.


Transform your open office today

Choose from our new line of modern and modular workspaces and customize your dream space.


Discover The Smartpod™

Noise Reducing


Power / USB Ports

LED lighting

Air Circulation

Comfortable Seating

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

Wireless Screen Casting

On-Demand Booking

Using ZenSpace's workspace marketplace, users can reserve workspaces at public venues remotely from their computers, mobile phones and onsite at the locations with our digital kiosks.

Images from our existing product line


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On-Demand Workspace. Anytime, Anyplace.

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