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conveniently located in a San Francisco Bay Area mall near you




Convenient locations In San Francisco Bay Area

We have new locations opening every two months, meaning your network of on-demand workspaces is ever-growing! 

Improve your team productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall footprint

Delight your employees

Give your employees the comfort of home + productivity of office + flexibility of work from anywhere in a shopping mall full of amenities

Save big with flexible plans


Save big on the costs and hassles associated with office maintenance,  with plans start as low as $500

Future-proof your team

ZenSpace greatly reduces the environmental footprint associated with employee commute, office overhead, and pandemic spread.


Easily book a space - anytime, anyplace.

ZenSpace is specially designed for remote workers. View our offers for remote workers.

Ideal Location

Employees can choose a space in their favorite local mall based on location, size and amenities.

Simple Booking

Employees book spaces by the hour or day and manage reservations on the ZenSpace website, or mobile app.

Secure & COVID-proof

Employees enjoy peace of mind with secure access to ensure safety and COVID compliance.


Employees enjoy high-speed wifi , full sound insulation, video conferencing and much more.


Why join the future of work?


Remote work just got a whole lot better


With ZenSpace, the comfort of home meets the productivity of office and flexibility of work from anywhere.

Office & Printing Facilities

Provide guests with printers, paper, pens, whiteboards and more! 

Host screenings and share  presentations on high-def TV
Smart Tools & Apps

Optimize lounge with apps for workspace productivity and remote management

Introducing the future of work



Remote work is here to stay

74% of companies expect employees to continue working remotely after the pandemic, which has employees demanding safe and productive workspaces. ZenSpace offers ultimate flexibility with work from anywhere plans. 



Remote workers are more productive

According to a 2012 Stanford study, remote workers logged more hours of work than their non-remote counterparts. Plus, ZenSpace reduces distractions from both the home or office, making every work hour count.



Employees want flexible workspaces

Studies like the Owl Labs’ 2019 State of Remote Work report have found that most remote workers are more satisfied and more likely to stay with their company than non-remote workers. 



Save big

Employers saves an average of $11,000 per year by letting employees telework. ZenSpace subscription plans start as low as $500 and save even more when considering commuting, hardware, electricity and internet bills.


Host screenings and share  presentations on high-def TV

Give your employees the gift of privacy, productivity and comfort 

A fully-equipped space for remote-workers to make phone calls, catch up on emails or simply unwind. 

Soft Furnishings

Highspeed WiFi

Power / USB Ports

Cloud Management

Office Supplies

Smart Tools & Integrated Apps

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

LED TV & Wireless Screencasting

On-Demand Booking


Users can reserve workspaces at public venues remotely from their computers, mobile phones and onsite at the locations with our digital kiosks

Secure Access 


Smart access allows for fully-automated entry and exit for guests - no concierge needed - in a space where they feel safe and at home.

Save big with our flexible and affordable credit packages

ZenSpace packages can be used at all of our locations all year round​.  Prices may differ slightly based on location and size of ZenSpace pod. $10 hour is based on standard 2-seater pod available in Westfield malls. More than 5 employees? Contact our team about our employee discount.

30% off


Approximately 100+ hours

or 20+ full days in a ZenSpace

$70 per month

Paid annually $1200 $840

Valid for1 year

35% off


Approximately 200+ hours

or 40+ full days in a ZenSpace

$130 per month

Paid annually $2400 $1560

Valid for 1 year

40% off


Approximately 250+ hours

or 50+ full days in a ZenSpace

$150 per month

Paid annually $3000 $1800

Valid for 1 year

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