Enhance Your Event and Generate More Revenue

Our on-demand SmartPods provide a turnkey private, quiet, tech-enabled oasis of calm for meeting, connecting and conducting business

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ZenSpace SmartPods

Conduct meetings

Share presentations and videos

Hold private conference/web calls

Catch up on work and emails

Grab some quiet time and relax

SmartPod Features

Noise Reducing
Wireless Screen Casting
Power / USB Ports
Air Circulation
LED lighting
Touch Screen Monitor
Smart Lock Secure Access
Comfortable Seating
Reservable through our app

ZenSpace Business Lounge

Combine ZenSpace SmartPods with soft furnishings and our touch screen reservation kiosks to create a custom business lounge and gathering place.

Attendees can utilize our SmartPods for a variety of business needs such as private meetings, video conferencing, catching up on emails, and much more.

Reservation is Easy Via Our App, Kiosk, or Website

Just search, select, schedule, and pay for any SmartPod by the hour with the touch of a finger; it’s as easy as ordering a rideshare.

Product Demonstration & Training

Podcasting & Livecasting

Brand Activation

ZenSpace SmartPods - a Sponsorship Opportunity Unlike any Other

Our brand activation solutions provide you with multiple touchpoints to market your company, product, or service and deliver your message to event attendees. ZenSpace brand activation methods also provide you with the ability to generate revenue via both digital and physical branding opportunities.


Provide an immersive brand experience for your customers through multiple contact locations.


• Sidewalls
• Windows & Door
• Touchpad


• Monitor (Screensaver & Wallpaper)
• Side & Back Walls
• Table Tops
• Product Placement

Download Pod Dimensions & Design Files

Mobile App

Brand-specific landing pages and app pages for your attendees.


Dedicated branded event reservation webpage on www.zenspace.io website

Digital Kiosk

Activate your brand with our touch screen kiosk, using still images, videos or slideshows to create a customized brand experience.

Multiple Deployment Scenarios

This illustration shows different possible ZenSpace deployments. These deployments not only provide an enhanced event experience for attendees, they also provide event organizers with an additional sponsorship opportunity to offer key partners, exhibitors and advertisers.

ZenSpace Value Proposition


Needs and Opportunities ZenSpace Addresses


Offer experiential sponsorship for attendees while generating more sponsorship revenue


Improve event experience with quiet places to meet, network, work, and conduct business


Provide brand activation opportunities to generate visibility and impact, enhancing sponsor event presence.

A Better Attendee Show Experience ...




ZenSpace provided a unique opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to take private meetings or to simply find a quiet place to catch up on work, without having to leave the convention center. ​

This is not only valuable for attendees and exhibitors alike, it is valuable to the show organizer as it keeps your attendees from leaving the convention center preventing loss of traffic in sessions or on the show floor.

Scott Craighead

Vice President of Exhibitions and Events - International Association of Exhibitions and Events - IAEE

“ZenSpace pods at IMEX really addressed a need for our attendees.In a bustling trade show environment, it is often difficult to find somewhere to get some peace and quiet for that important conversation or phone call. For the first time we’ve been able to offer a solution that is convenient, comfortable, quiet, and crucially does not require attendees to leave the show floor. The product is sleek looking and has sponsorship potential due to the high demand for Zen time during the show. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the team at Zen Space.”

Mark Mulligan

Director ofOperations, IMEX Group
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