ZenSpace SmartPods ™ combine a quiet, secure, comfortable workspace with a technology platform to provide a flexible,
on-demand work and meeting space for business people on the go.

The SmartPod ™

Our on-demand meeting spaces provide a private, quiet, tech-enabled oasis of calm in which to conduct your business.

Perfect for environments where people need a quiet, private place to conduct business while away from their office – at events, conferences, airports and more.

Controllable Environment

  • Smart LED Lighting
  • Smart Air Circulation

Digital Connectivity

  • Power outlets and USB ports
  • Display for presentations and video conference calls

Aesthetics and Comfort

  • Modern, stylish design
  • Comfortable seating

WiFi Enabled

User Interface

  • Exterior Display for booking and secure access

Advertising & Sponsorship

  • Digital and physical means for brands to advertise
  • Product placement for hardware and software

Noise Reduction - sound insulated inside and out

  • Multi-layered exterior walls
  • Internal acoustic panels

Secure Access

  • Smart Lock entry via unique access code

The ZenSpace App

Search, select, schedule and pay for your ZenSpace time with touch of a finger.

Search and Select

  • Find a ZenSpace SmartPod near your city of event

Schedule & Pay

  • Select and Schedule a Pod
  • Pay online or through the app


  • Connect with ZenSpace hostand customer support


  • Share the booking as a calendarinvite with other attendees

Manage your booking

  • Extend, Cancel or Reschedule your booked ZenSpace time


  • Unlock and operate SmartPod feature through the app

Available for web and mobile platforms.

What Makes our SmartPods Smart?

A ZenSpace SmartPod is more than a a pod – it’s an IoT device.

We are the first company to combine a web/mobile technology platform with a meeting pod that allows you to remotely search, select, schedule and pay for pod time with the touch of a finger.

At your scheduled time you arrive at your reserved SmartPod, enter your unique security access code and enter the pod to get down to business.

It’s hardware. It’s software. It’s unique.
Pretty zen, huh?

What Makes our SmartPods Quiet?

We use multiple features to create an acoustically designed environment
that reduces sound waves traveling in, and out, of the pod.

Double wall with acoustic layer in between and internal acoustic panels insulate sound inside and out.

Special acoustic panels that absorb sound waves line the SmartPod interior.

Double-tempered, laminated glass is thick, safe and sound proof.

Our engineers say we have a muting guarantee of 33 decibels.
We say our SmartPods are simply an oasis of calm where you can be productive.
Either way, hearing is believing.

Available in three size configurations.

Our SmartPods are perfect for use at events and conferences.