ZenSpace ZenPods™ provide a stylish, self-contained, compact,
modular work or meeting room to enhance your office space.

ZenSpace ZenPods are a flexible way to add functional, tech-enabled, quiet work and meeting space to your modern office layout.

  • Double walls with sound-proof panels in-between limit the spread of sound inside and out.
  • Control lighting and air circulation within your ZenPod.
  • Power outlets and USB ports to facilitate your work and connectivity.
  • Double-tempered, laminated glass certified for safety and to reduce sound.

Our ZenPod private meeting spaces provide a private, quiet, oasis of calm for your office associates to conduct business.

Noise Reduction - sound insulated inside and out

  • Double wall with acoustic layer in between and internal acoustic panels insulate sound inside and out; muting guarantee of 33dB

Options Include

  • Internal Display monitor
  • External Display to facilitate scheduling of ZenPod
  • Wheels for ease of moving
  • Customized exterior color

Digital Connectivity

  • Power outlets and USB ports
  • Display option – for presentation and video conference calls (2- and 4-seater)

Controllable Environment

  • LED Lighting
  • Air Circulation

Certified Safety Glass

  • Double-tempered, laminated glass  is safe and provides sound insulation.

Aesthetics and Comfort

  • Modern, stylish design
  • Comfortable seating

What Makes our ZenPods Zen?

Hear that? It’s the quiet that surrounds you inside a ZenSpace ZenPod. We use multiple features to create an acoustically designed environment that reduces sound traveling in, and out, of the pod.

Our engineers say we have a muting guarantee of 33 decibels. We say our SmartPods are simply an oasis of calm where you can be productive. Either way, hearing is believing.

Double wall with acoustic layer in between and internal acoustic panels insulate sound inside and out.

Special acoustic panels that absorb sound waves line the SmartPod interior.

Double-tempered, laminated glass is thick, safe and sound proof.

Available in three size configurations.