ZenSpace Event Solutions

Are you an event organizer, exhibitor venue or sponsor? See how ZenSpace SmartPods can enhance the event experience for you and your attendees.

Enhance your Event with ZenSpace

ZenSpace provides a turnkey solution to a frequently cited need from event attendees - a conveniently located, private, quiet space to conduct business at a reasonable cost.

The Problem

Event attendees face a couple issues when seeking a meeting space - lack of privacy and poor functionality, neither of which current options completely address.

Public spaces - such as coffee shops, hallways, lobby areas - do not provide privacy, have generally unreliable connectivity and lack office/collaboration functionality.

Dedicated meeting spaces – on site meeting rooms, conference rooms, hotel suites -  typically require a full event commitment and significant financial outlay.

The typical “10 x 10” exhibit floor meeting room can be noisy, while private conference rooms and hotel rooms at conference centers may be inconveniently located.

The Solution - Enter ZenSpace

The one-of-a-kind ZenSpace Smart Pod is perfectly suited for the event industry where millions of people convene to conduct business, network and gather information.  As the table highlights, our event solution delivers benefits for all involved stakeholders.

Benefits ZenSpace Provides
Event Attendees
A solution to one of the key problems encountered at a conference – the need for a quiet, private, reasonably priced space in which to conduct business.
Event Organizers
Enhance your attendee event experience by providing additional meeting room spaces that also can generate additional revenue opportunities.
Exhibit Service Providers
A new solution to offer your customers that provides turnkey, tech-enabled meeting room options for rental.
Event Exhibitors
An additional turnkey option for creating a more private meeting space in which to conduct business within your floor space.
Event Sponsors
Another tool to generate brand visibility and impact, enhancing your event presence.

Event Solutions and Deployments

ZenSpace SmartPods come in several sizes (1, 2-seater and 4-seater) and may be deployed in a number of solution configurations, including:

The diagram below demonstrates different ZenSpace deployments. All of these deployments not only provide an enhanced event experience for attendees, they also provide event organizers with an additional sponsorship opportunity to offer key partners, exhibitors and advertisers.

ZenSpace Solves
the Mobile Worker Dilemma

ZenSpace SmartPods are designed for use in a wide range of public spaces and are ideal for any venue where there is a high concentration of business people and a lack of available private meeting space.

Public spaces, such as airports, hotels and commercial real estate centers, are filled with business people away from their office in need of a place to conduct business.

  • Customers can use the ZenSpace app to schedule a quiet, private meeting space for a fraction of the time and cost of reserving a conference room; it’s as easy as ordering a ride share.
  • In return, host venues can generate additional revenue from existing, under-utilized real estate. It’s a win-win!

In today’s fast-paced, on-the-go world, we can all use a little zen.