ZenSpace Office Solutions

ZenSpace ZenPods are a flexible way to add functional, quiet, stylish meeting and work space to your modern office layout.

Why a Pod?

The open office environment provides many benefits, but has created a problem – lack of privacy and quiet space in which to get your work done, hold a private conversation or make a call without everyone hearing your business.

It’s just too noisy, and many have noted an impact on productivity. Employees are clamoring for private space.

Our ZenPods are an oasis of calm in the distracting open space setting. ZenPods provide:

  • a quiet, distraction free space where you can work on a presentation, hold a video call, huddle with your co-workers or make a call in peace.
  • a flexible space option you can easily move to fit in with a changing floor plan.
  • an economical, simple solution for creating private space. Contrast ordering and placing a ZenPod in your office to the noise, cost and disruption of renovation or construction of conference rooms. It’s no contest.

Why a ZenPod?

ZenPods provide a stylish, self-contained, compact, modular work or meeting room to enhance your office space.

It’s super quiet inside a ZenPod. You can hear yourself think and other speak thanks to:

  • Double walls with sound-proof panels in-between limit the spread of sound inside and out.
  • Double-tempered, laminated glass reduces sound waves and is certified safe.

Step inside a ZenPod and you'll understand why we say: Hearing is believing.

Power outlets and USB ports facilitate your work, keeping you charged up and connected.Light and air circulation controls keep you cool and calm.

Stylish Design
Our sleek, contemporary design, comfortable interior, workspace table and wide range of color options deliver style and functionality to your office environment.

Choose from 3 different sizes, add wheels to move your ZenPod around. That’s something you can’t do with a conference room!

Budget Friendliness
Compared to constructing a conference room, your cost for a ZenPod is much more reasonable. You get the same benefits — privacy, quiet and a design that fits beautifully into your interior layout and style.

Go ahead. Get Your Zen On.

See our ZenPod Product Page, or download our brochure for more information.

Or, contact our sales team to learn more.