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The ZenSpace Healthcare Pod: bridging the gap between remote care and clinical services. We extend medical services beyond the traditional clinical environment, with a turnkey, tech-enabled telemedicine clinic to reach more patients in remote areas.

  • Revolutionizing Healthcare Accessibility

    ZenSpace Healthcare Pods are designed to extend medical services beyond the traditional clinical environment, providing an intermediate solution between telemedicine and full clinical services.

  • State-of-the-Art Features

    Equipped with cutting-edge wireless radar technology, our pods provide accurate vital sensing such as blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. Combined with an integrated video conferencing system, patients can connect with doctors seamlessly, making healthcare more accessible than ever.

Experience the future of healthcare today!

ZenSpace uses Norbert Health devices with AI driven sensors and hardware to help people quickly, automatically and accurately understand key data about their bodies.


  • Rapid Deployment:

    Easily set up in any location

  • Advanced Technology

    Integrated vital sensing and video conferencing

  • Comfort & Privacy

    Soundproof, ergonomic design ensures patient comfort