Optimize Your Space with ZenSpace Pods

Whether you're looking to optimize return to office by adding private workspaces in an office, create quiet study areas in a library, or provide patient rooms in a hospital, our pods offer a customizable, convenient, and cost-effective solution.

  • Easy Set Up & Mobility

    Modular design and wheels offer flexibility and same-day assembly.

  • Save on Construction

    Convert empty lobbies, hallways and spaces into value-adding premium workspaces at a fraction of a cost.

  • Privacy & sound proofing​

    Tap into the back to office need for quiet, on-demand workspaces. Enjoy full sound insulation, secure access and more.

  • Custom, flexible design

    Multiple colors, designs and features - including whiteboards, displays and power options - to fit your every workplace need.

Click on each pod type to learn more about its specifications and features.

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Why ZenSpace ?

  • Fully UL certified

    Ensure peace of mind and safety with full fire, electrical and environmental compliance certification.

  • Premium Materials

    Made with premium ever-lasting materials: Double steel walls, laminated double pane glass, inner acoustic panels and durable, high-quality supportive foam seating.

  • Sustainable

    Pods are built with 70% Recyclable and offer a long-term, environmental alternative to short-term, wasteful construction.

  • Competitive Price

    With highly competitive pricing and discounts on bulk orders - we offer huge savings compared to alternate pod brands.

Customize Your Pod

Ready to create your perfect workspace? Use our 3D product configurator to customize your pod to your liking. Choose your pod type, color, and optional features, and see your choices come to life in 3D. Once you're satisfied, proceed to checkout to make your purchase. Click on each pod type to learn more about its specifications and features.

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